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Elle – Under the Radar: Beauty Heroes

may-15Beauty Heroes



WHAT IS IT? A genuinely scientific skincare company. The products, created by biochemists and based on research by leading Australian universities, have an oxygen-boosting core that really brightens and plumps up skin.

WHY SHOULD YOU BUY? Let’s start with the fan base. Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Naomi Campbell and, er, Justin Timberlake (“it makes my skin look dope”) are among an enormous group of A-list converts to the treatments that set their skin on a HD-ready path… This stuff is oxygen-infusing magic. It’s professional-grade skincare that promises to dramatically transform the look of your skin – a common concept, but the massive list of positive testimonies can’t be ignored… we added a Booster to our usual moisturiser and got through snowy March with precisely no dry-skin issues.


Boosters: Antioxidant, Vitamin A or C, or Collagen Boosters that, added to your usual moisturiser will essentially supercharge the effects.

Atoxelene Line Wand: Very highly concentrated serum pen that fills and plumps out lines…